Покер старс казино скачать на айфон

Скачать Покер Старс на iOS – клиент для Айфона и iPad |

Более того, бонусы будут начисляться одинаково, если вы играете на клиенте и на мобильном приложении — общий счет и общий аккаунт.

Дают ли бонусы в мобильном приложении? Также доступен бесплатный мобильный клиент Покер Старс в Google Play Market, но там вы не сможете играть на деньги.

Запускаете и играете в своё удовольствие в бесплатный покер старс казино скачать на айфон. Что из себя представляет мобильное приложение PokerStars Приложение PS для мобильных устройств сделано достаточно качественно и удобно для игры на телефоне или планшете. Пользователям программы версии Кэшауты рум также старается проводить максимально быстро и без задержек.

Скачать PokerStars на Айфон — инструкция

Обзор мобильного клиента ПокерСтарс Приложение для телефона предоставляет доступ к полному ассортименту столов, турниров покер рума.

Тогда стоит перейти к инструкции установки мобильного приложения через официальный сайт, так как играть в Покер Старс на деньги с телефона можно только установив файл с сайта.

Нажать на баннер мобильного приложения. Да, у ПокерСтарс есть официальное приложение и для Android.

PokerStars Casino для iPhone и iPad — Бесплатная загрузка онлайн-казино

Если у вас уже есть аккаунт, просто авторизуйтесь. Существует несколько доступных вариантов откуда, каким способом скачать и установить приложение на смартфон. Этот бонус доступен только для новых покеров старс казино скачать на айфон и необходимо использовать бонусный код STARS для активации бонуса.

Используйте все возможности программы Установив софт от крупнейшего покерного сайта, Вы получите неограниченные возможности для игры в покер на реальные деньги. Специалисты активируют участие в акции — пользователь получит соответствующее сообщение.

Обратите внимание, что часто для пользователей из стран СНГ доступна только Lite версия: в ней нет возможности играть на реальные деньги, а только на условные фишки. Не расстраивайтесь — это того не стоит! Внимание: необходимо установить последнюю версию iTunes. Скачать Покер Старс на телефон с помощью Google Play приложение на условные фишки Вас не интересует игра на условные фишки? И так много раз, пока сам не начнёшь выбирать себе стол, где 4 игрока, чтобы успеть занять место.

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  1. RH3D

    cut to Kevin Hart on the word “Ametures” hahaha

  2. Riley Naehu

    Patrick Grazianos eyes are from another world

  3. Igor Tolstov

    Daniel is such a scary player. He is aggressive, yet doesn’t get out of line. I would not want him at the table, yet would be honored to play with him


    This guy actually has a playboy shirt on.

  5. moo yoo

    ak 7 before the money will you even make it if you just fold every hand? with 9 bb left

  6. Ali Babah

    love the perpetually surprised masseur daniel has

  7. kinz man

    how funny is the commentary guys . theses guys


    Lam is a useless poker player seriously no clue

    1. ggurks

      @Raw Chef oh, you poor thing

    2. Benjamin Brown

      I was even more annoyed that he milked the clock just to fold. Tony G has verbally harassed players over less

    3. Padawan Tyron BR

      Yep, I was screaming all in here

    4. TheCheddarMan1

      @ggurks A broken clock is right twice a day

    5. The Ferryman

      @ggurks Everybody gets lucky sometimes…

  9. Will E. M

    Dude why are the commentators so in love with all the poker players

  10. firelord9000

    my boy lam mustve been on coca 33:56

  11. Daynight

    Lam has a face that you just want to smash in

  12. Mr. D Muckell

    Bondar wtf?


    @21:48 . . . Monaco is a *life-changing* experience. So ridiculous to think that being in Monaco for poker can be life changing — pathetic!

    1. Peanut Butter

      The irony, of course, being that he’s playing a high roller in Monaco, while you’re calling him pathetic in a YouTube comment. Maybe a little bit of introspection is needed on that one, bud.

  14. Zoltán Magyar

    OMG Lam is lama!

  15. Matt j

    I love Stapleton

  16. Luis Cruz-Guzman

    Who gave joe a job this guy is a joke

  17. Philip Tucker

    Fuck it, on the bubble Im folding anything less than KK or AA. If anyone is gonna look you up, you can guarantee theyre strong. If Im playing to win and not cash I go all in though

  18. Le Fion De Louane Bordel


  19. SBrax

    Commentator is so annoying. Makes so many bad jokes all the time.

  20. xd memes

    That spot on the stone bubble was gross as hell

  21. Justin Tse

    Joe Staples is the very best hahaha

  22. 로맨스

    LAM, Why did you participate in EPT? are you rich?

  23. 33

    I love this shit

  24. Patrick Green

    i think the goofy fkr who hollywooded the clock down with AK (that he folded) is a total dooshbag toothpick dick fkn donkey

  25. Jonathan Wagner

    The wacky sousaphone luckily compete because brow perinatally decide worth a grotesque calculus. curious, tightfisted lock

  26. Visato Tase

    Patrik Antonio could be the new terminator after Arnold retired

  27. kaya barlow

    Damn Daniel is looking good with those muscles 😍

  28. IssiBang

    did phil ivey not attend?

  29. Liam Caliber

    With Daniel Negreanus mathematical mind?….. He would have fit right in at NASA.

  30. Leigh Ann Watts

    I understand the bubble is frustrating but Lam may have just fucked himself over. KA is a really good hand and he just let it go just to win some cash when he could have potentially won a lot more.

  31. Resat Mavi

    What A idiot guy that his name lam, and he is on big torlement ARE you serious, I should be there, I cant believe that some idiot like a lam there

  32. GOAT 1122

    Joe Stapeltons commentary makes me want to mute the volume. He is so annoying because the sad part is he actually thinks that he is funny…

  33. Grommit

    Getting a massage while you play is the dumbest shit ever. Should have someone feeding you grapes and fanning you with a big leaf as well.

  34. ぴろチャンネル


  35. ZimZombi

    Why is lam even playing poker? Is he waiting for aces?

    1. ggurks

      hes waiting for cash

  36. Szymon Jaskólski

    Pankowski polish speak English pretending french accent lol.

  37. Ek LaTax Prod

    Didnt expect to see Kool Shen here !

  38. Muskaan Sethi

    19:19 lol

  39. Hadi Sharif

    goat sound at 21:45

  40. David McAninch

    Not that I know everything about poker, but you NEVER go All In on the first hand.

  41. Eva Makarski

    The alcoholic rain laterally spray because gander macroscopically suspect sans a threatening cloud. shallow, hospitable steam

  42. Sander Hindrekson

    I know this is an old video buy what cracks me up the most if all of the poker pros talk about ranges. What hands and when to play and then you see someone fold a JJ vs Negreanus raise with A5o, or Patrick Antonius with Q9o going 3 barrels only to suck out on river with second best pair. So what kind of ranges are we talking about? The optimal ones for 33/33/33? Or the imagimary ones that we want make our opponent believe that we dont play any other hand but the ones we wrote on a piece of a paper next to my smartphone and pokerstars app?

  43. Ollie Jordan

    I usually like Joe Stapletons bad puns but boy he was not doing good on this one very bad made up attempts at puns and some were possibly offensive. I say he a break or a pun refresher course??? lol

  44. Evil Gunz

    If people that are close to the money and fold big hands like AK or JJ if short stacked I understand that. Some of these people got in on a satellite and probably could never afford the buy-in. I dont think their folds are that bad if you got in on a few dollars and are just trying to survive and having a good time. Make $10 into several thousand just by folding a few hands. Pros that can afford to buy-in any tournament they want would never fold of these hands pre flop even if short stacked.

  45. Riley Naehu

    Why is Lam even here?lmao

  46. catastrofa killuminati

    Wouldve slapped that stupid looking face off of china man

  47. ForgotByTheSystem

    Pokerstars gonna acknowledge my presence one day haha 🙂

  48. thetruth

    these lame continuous phrases make it hard to watch the whole thing, please get rid of joe!!! For crying out loud…

    1. Pete

      youre definitely the unpopular opinion there.

  49. toëntje

    You had to much !! 😂😃

  50. Pumpernickle

    Stapes is the best. Thats your only quads for the day, enjoy your 6 chips. LMAO!!!

    1. Dave E.

      Decade* 😀

    2. skitzospud

      Liked this comment at the intro because i can hear stapes sayin that and it made me laugh

  51. Ei Demon

    Antonius the goat at the table

  52. Michael Prifti

    the commentary make me want to mute the video…

  53. Mixed Man

    Man, I was in the EXACT same situation on the bubble as the guy with QQ in the biggest tourney Ive played. 11 players left and 11 played nothing while 10th paid 1,000. 1st plaid 17,000 and 2nd paid 11,000. Was planning on folding my way in but got dealt QsQc in the SB and everyone had folded to me, so I decide to shove. Then BB who basically has the sme sized stack as myself starts tanking and Im like oh shit, and he calls with AsKs… Thankfully my queens held and I was in the final 9 and in the money. I eventually coolered for heads up when dude kept shoving and I called with AJ suited and he had J9 and fing a J and 9 flopped. Dang it.

    1. Nicholas Yanney

      Philip Tucker lol right

    2. Philip Tucker

      Mixed Man Cool Story Bro

  54. Taylor Olson

    i dont generally hate people, but id pay good money for a hit on joe stapleton if i knew a guy

  55. asjadnad

    Fucking hell Lam, grow a pair and go all in. So frustrating to watch.

  56. Neil M

    Fucking Boeree! Why do they keep putting her on the opening credits pretending shes a real poker player. Total waste of space and a horrible human being.

  57. Jeff Dime

    Patrick is the only one who is allowed to say Monaco. Fucking PokerStars

  58. Dani

    34:40 This is the future for televised poker. When all the great ones from the past retire there will be no carismatic poker players left. Only booring serious guys or clowns like this one.

  59. Irish Sean

    Annoying commentary 😡

  60. Ben Preston

    Vanessa looks like a good guy

  61. Herman Rajala

    torilla tavataan


    @4:14 Alexandrus last name is Armenian — not a Romanian by Romanian standard

  63. Eva Makarski

    The meaty textbook evocatively reflect because indonesia bilaterally rob behind a abandoned fairies. lying, flippant millimeter

  64. Gabriel Glover

    “Hey Maklecovs, can we go thrift shopping”

  65. Tommy NawlCTL

    How did the other guy get the job? Hes honestly so lame and makes the dumbest comments on top of the other guy that actually knows what hes doing.

  66. Rocio Nieto


  67. Renato Valancaska

    Fuck you

  68. Rob Mez

    Lam is a fucking weirdo

  69. T K

    Dear god that lam guy is a complete idiot. What a terrible A K fold

  70. Mr. D Muckell

    Lam surely has never returned has he? Lol

  71. jason hounsell

    I’m sure a lot of comments are about Lam, I thought his expressions were really funny, however if he tank folds here then he should really just tank any hand to stall haha ^^ Remember chill out guys! A min cash here might be his biggest ever score… easy to judge from a distance

  72. Mr. Magic

    34:53 this hurts to watch😟

  73. Savoy 91

    Can anyone explain to me why would someone actually play the last hand?

  74. spudnick2010

    So awkward watching Daniel get a back rub during thise hands lmao

  75. Kyle Riel

    I fucking hate Stapleton

  76. James Lorman

    Why just show people leaving tables without showing hands ?? Strange

    1. Matheus Oliveira

      A theory

  77. Serra de Papel Do Vlad


  78. Matt K

    I saw a Vickys baby outside with a nanny that looked a lot like David Mitchell That cracked me up

  79. Liam Caliber

    Do Phil Helmuth, Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Mike Mattasow not play anymore? I havent seen those guys in ages!!!

  80. Iankov Pedraza

    This lil commentator with the jokes fucking sucks


    I love Daniel. Such a good person. No homo

  82. Wang Marco

    34:30..WTF man..stupid..

  83. geoff N

    That Lam fold was embarrassing.

  84. Moe Lester

    How is nobody gonna point out Negreanu getting a massage in the middle of a hand

  85. El_Rio

    SO happy to see these full edited tournaments back — hope so much pokerstars can keep producing them!!

  86. julio salgado

    Why they call it bubble?

    1. James Morris

      julio salgado because when it bursts it’s like a release of tension

  87. WithJimbo

    lol this second commentator is the best xD

  88. Daniel Edwards

    The confidence of Daniel getting a massage at the table… just like here we go again

    1. mse

      @RH3D most tournaments has masseurs on the tournament ground if you can afford to pay for one. in monaco its usually around 100-200€/h plus whatever you tip

    2. xHevdog

      AstraX yeah cause they have money for it

    3. AstraX

      @RH3D Massaging is a normal thing in many hour long poker tournaments. Just watch 100k super high roller poker.

    4. John Doe

      @Raw Chef Lol, how would a massage offend/bother his wife? Poker tournaments last for hours. Too much time sitting down… Best believe that massage was good for his health.

    5. Casey Cuevas

      RH3D z

  89. DravinBarnyard

    So it’s Episode 1 but Day 2? Just wanna make sure I didn’t miss a video

  90. TheCricketer15

    Gg feel bad for the qualifier Bubble boy.

  91. YoutubeCertifiedMechanic

    the stapleton jokes are getting seriously old lmao.

  92. Franklin Sninsky

    Lol the commentators are amazing when daniels gettin a masasge put a shirt on we get it you work out now! his biceps are tiny but prolly the biggest in that room ahahah classic I love poker lol

  93. Gorgis Yelda

    daniels massage lady looked like she was on molly


    Why arent you showing the folded cards as well?

  95. Pokémon Master

    25:46 the lady has the look of a psychopath

  96. Jens-Joachim von Bandemer

    This Hello my babies is just pathetic!

  97. rwilke3

    Damn y’alls commentary is so charming and silly. I’m sure this has a huge fan base I’m unaware of but I’m a filthy casual and am genuinely entertained. It’s like pro wrestling meets board games

  98. cookies

    Wait, so that guy waited like 3 minutes just to fold ace king?????? wtf lmaooo

  99. Rad Madara

    God I hate that gay commentator. So fucking annoying

  100. Armando Comellas

    @pokerstars Wtf with Pokerstarss guys, i have been waiting for my banking transfer since 4 weeks ago,

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