Лас вегас казино регистрация

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Этот комплекс, рассчитанный на мест, раньше носил название Aladdin. На официальном сайте Las Vegas Grand Casino представлены развлечения на любой вкус.

Для обхода ласы вегас казино регистрация используют зеркало Vegas Grand. Перейти на сайт Las Vegas Grand При первом посещении официального сайта Las Vegas Grand Casino посетителей встречает внушительных размеров рекламный баннер.

Слоты Лас-Вегас: Азарт и Удача играть онлайн | Игры ВКонтакте

Кроме того, еженедельно производится аудит по выплатам сторонними, независимыми экспертами. Играть в интернет-казино это не только удобно и комфортно, но и безопасно.

Лас вегас казино регистрация is a huge range of payment methods available at Casino Las Vegas, all of which are fast, easy to use, and most importantly, completely secure.

Перед фасадом комплекса расположен искусственный вулкан, из которого вечерами ежечасно извергаются клубы дыма и языки пламени. Комплекс состоит из более чем гостиничных номеров, а также ресторанов, баров и ночных клубов, бассейна, фитнес-центра лас вегас казино регистрация казино.

Казино Лас-Вегаса (Las-Vegas) | Гульфик | Яндекс Дзен

Финансовые операции Вносить депозиты могут только зарегистрированные игроки. We launch new games on a regular basis and they are often packed with exciting bonus features that can help you land some enormous payouts. The reels are set in an elaborate frame with Celtic style carvings and behind them is a countryside scene лас вегас казино регистрация with a rainbow and bubbles drifting down from the sky.

Beyond the reels, you can see stairs leading up to an ancient tomb.

Казино — Википедия

The reels are set against a stunning лас вегас казино регистрация of the African planes at sunset. They will help you towards big wins by awarding numerous free spins complete with payout multipliers. До соседних казино Excalibur и Luxor гости могут в любое время лас вегас казино регистрация добраться на бесплатном транспорте.

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  1. Tddnenc

    stupid not even real

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  3. Hu55ain AFG

    2.5 million in ur ass

    1. Slot Cracker

      What a well thought out, informed and prudent statement. I especially value the time you took to utilize proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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  5. Forrest Johnson

    They say “the house always wins”
    I believe the slots are fun than poker

  6. dalana brown

    Great Video ..I miss the two of you..stay sweet until we need again…

  7. MrCasino

    100.Million Pennies Is $1.Million US Dollars x2

    1. الصياد -hunter

      It 1200 dollars jackpot bro u didn’t see the dollar sign

  8. Mr Foxtrot

    I bet the slot machine malfunctioned!

    1. Coco Memaw

      no they where are a gaming convention and it was not real money. thats why the tittle said fun at GES

  9. retrogamer- pół żartem pół serio

    Let me guess, attendant said its a malfunction.

    1. Ryder

      no he hacked the machine 🙂

  10. theshadowtalks

    You suck!

  11. Kyle Angeles

    Love when anyone beats the house

    1. Josue Guzman

      No one beats the house, they still win in the end

  12. Max van Oers

    U saw that he won 50dollars

  13. Master

    U wish u Would win the 2.5 mil lol

  14. Snug Life

    Why would you want to just barely get a hand pay? Getting just below is way way better unless you get a lot more than $1200

    1. Slot Cracker

      Snug Life honestly, it doesn’t matter when you have enough losses to write it off….

  15. The Big Jackpot

    Colin is always hitting the massive million dollar booms

  16. Shaleen Schroeder

    You mean Beautiful Sista! 😍

  17. Kou Lor

    Once they give you $1200 after that they dont give you much. Thats how casino do. They make you pay tax. $4 per bet, you will lose to casino more than you wil win in the long run.

    1. D33Lux

      In Canada we pay no taxes on any type of gambling, casinos or lottery. You keep 100% of the profits.

    2. Sarah Gcia

      dazza724 you should go to France where I live they take 13% of a win start to 1000€ lol

    3. dazza724

      Good thing were i live we dont pay tax on any winnings on the slot machines. America is greddy as fuk and why ill never gamble there if i do end up going there

    4. Alex Holley

      You think???????

    5. Robert Walsh

      Why bother m8,,,,, load of poo Video

  18. Madni Auto Services

    Why u such a liar for liar

  19. Deb Bart

    Love seeing Colin win!

  20. Slot Gypsy Leeann

    Love it 😍

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  22. cable blanco

    Que vien que dejen gravar

  23. Jan Kaiser


  24. alexander cameron

    the machines dont pay 2.5 million

  25. Vicky Ephraim

    Wheres the $2.5 million hit

    1. Palbo Knask

      @Slot Cracker its fake ya… Its a really bad acter fake

    2. Slot Cracker

      Vicky Ephraim You Can’t miss it right at the beginning. It was at G2E.

  26. 허효정

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  27. Jo-Ann Andrews

    Where did you play?

  28. jeff 2000

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  30. T Black

    Great win but always go for the highest multiplier.

  31. DAN G

    I hope youll go broke.

    1. Ian Brien

      Wow that’s harsh

  32. Awoopa _ Paul

    That was awesome congratulations woohoo 👍👍
    Btw trick or treat 🎃

  33. Next Level Toys

    Lol I hate this game. If you did not win those progressives your total will with all them spins for a 4 dollar bet would have been like 20 dollars. It always so hard to win I gave it up haha. Congratulations though 😀

  34. Γιωργος G

    grandpa go to sleep

  35. JDubSlots

    Very nice

  36. Food For Thought

    No wonder so many dislikes what a wanker misleading title! Keep it up pal only idiots will subscribe to your dumb channel! Wonder why the comments section isnt already showing feedback to mine…deleting the comments!?!?! huh pitiful.


    I am ready to call it quits on Tarzan! Great vid bud, and congrats to Colin!

  38. Vadim Kay

    It’s a penny mashine so it’s actually 25,106.00$

    1. Reece hittin the Piece

      you know no math

  39. Adilson Spina Junior

    $2.5 mi ??????? Deslike

    1. Slot Cracker

      Adilson Spina Junior yes, $2.5million. It was at G2E in Las Vegas.

  40. Knight of YouTube

    I think al the down votes are for those who keep getting click baited by these idiots who think we want to see the small jackpot but we want to see whats in the title you douche

  41. ربنا توكلنا اليك

    arewean yeuh…..

  42. Cindy Hall

    Can you please tell me what happened to Colins slot channel??

    1. Cindy Hall

      Thank you!

    2. Slot Cracker

      Cindy Hall he decided to close it, but he can be found here and our other YouTube channel “USUK”

  43. That Guy

    Excellent win you guys

  44. Vsauce Mikàl

    Thats how an addiction starts btw

    1. Vsauce Mikàl

      @Jesus Rojas nah

    2. Jesus Rojas

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  45. Joan Ridgeway

    Never seen 2.5

  46. Ethan Turner

    These adds are getting outta control..

    1. Harper Harper

      Drag the play dot to the end and replay the video to take the ads off

  47. Casino Gora

    So where is the 2.5million hit at?

    1. Slot Cracker

      Roman Gora it was at G2E

  48. chris change

    2.5 million my ass fuckin bullshit

  49. No Way


  50. magic carp

    was this in Zimbabwe dollars?

    1. 張為弼

      0:19 2.5m is on credit, 55.20 on win

  51. Kenny Advocat

    Clickbait. Where is the 2.5 million???

    1. Slot Cracker

      Kenny Advocat it’s in the first 30 seconds ov the video.

  52. Domi Khlr

    In Germany, it loads 2€ like every 3 seconds on your Credit. Also the highest bet is 2€ per spin. If you win a few 100 and want to pay out, Same System, 2€ Every 3 seconds. One day i won 900€, i waited for like 2,5 or 3 hours to pay out my Money. Kinda ridiculous to See This video, well maybe pretty Impressive 😂
    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you guys understood the essentials ✌🏻

    1. Domi Khlr

      @Slot Cracker best of luck 😄

    2. Slot Cracker

      I hope to play slots in Germany someday..

  53. BillyB.Thornton


  54. zachery alderton


  55. Matt Naylor

    These slot people are so fucking cringe and embarrassing. Especially that big jackpot dude, bet 100 dollars a spin lose five grand, then hit a 2,000 dollar jackpot and get excited lol.

  56. Gail Sanders

    Colin is a delight! So positive and funny! Congrats!

  57. ranamaster41

    Monkey & donkey tfou al klab

  58. hanin dita

    Nasib luck sya sudah jumpa kompeni baik menang xde block punya, patutlah nampak banyak post dia ingat penipu pergi test jap mana tau ade bayar 😂syok betul. walaupun xde menang sangat besar tapi service betul puas hati so aku tlg viral 😊.

  59. Nez-Gars

    Well that title was not very accurate and misleading

    1. Slot Cracker

      doodoohe it was at G2E? It said so in the video…

    2. Slot Cracker

      Nez-Gars it WAS $2.5 million on a buffalo slot machine… It was at G2E, how is that misleading?

  60. Cookie La Crumble

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  61. Kujo

    Nice click bait jackass

  62. Charles Harris

    Light Wands. Cheater

  63. 張為弼

    0:19 you only win 55.20 Dude,

    1. 張為弼

      2.5 million is on credit, 55.20 on win dude, at 0:19 , you cant cheat my eyes

    2. Slot Cracker

      No, $2.5 million

  64. Awoken Nut

    click bait

    1. kevinbouley

      Yeah this guy sucks

    2. Slot Cracker

      That’s what every thumbnail is. Bait, to get you to click on the video. Thank you for clicking.

  65. Matthew Harrell

    Thats pennys right

  66. Billy D’s Slot Channel

    I love the smell of handpays in the morning 🤑

  67. Ron *TRIPLE STARS*

    Great video boys, we ❤ you guys, hope to see you again soon 👍, best trip ever

  68. Psychic Gambler

    Loved seeing Colins win again!!!! That was some really nice wake up coffee!!!! Love yas!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!! ❤😘

    1. Psychic Gambler

      USUK thats how I came back from Vegas this last trip $1600 in the hole….

  69. Tina Lanning


  70. SacredNutrino

    Having fun having coffee
    Coffee… suuure

  71. SSS Tampa

    Thanks for vid!

  72. Paul Dudley

    Why is this titled the way it is? I hate fucking liars. Fuck you.

    1. Slot Cracker

      It WAS $2.5 million! It was at G2E in Las Vegas… Thank you for the kind words.

  73. The crippled Dude

    In a real casino you wont win millions on slots

    1. mi cho

      Lady at work won 25mil in Reno on a slot… hit a progressive

    2. Patrick OConnor

      The Wakelin not true at all. Its been done at the casino by my house in milwaukee a few times and wvery month 1 or 2 people hit for 400k or 500k

  74. Brent James

    Hell I hit twice in two days Tuesday and Wednesday


    Where is this 2.5mil ?? Lying bastard

    1. Slot Cracker

      It’s right there on the buffalo slot machine as titled. That’s how many credits were on it! This was filmed at G2E in Las Vegas. Thank you for the heartfelt positive comment. May you have a wonderful day and not get run over by a truck.

  76. Angry Gambler

    Glad we got to see the slot play for the 2.5 mil. Just awesome

  77. Linda S


  78. HS SH

    How come you guys never seem to miss out on time better spent on real life? This is so artificial, so obviously built up for you to lose money. I even hate myself now for watching the entire video.

    1. HS SH

      @tootsie girl Friendly fellow

    2. tootsie girl

      HS SH You SHOULD HATE YOURSELF!! Now move on, dork.

    3. Slot Cracker

      HS SH I actually travel all over the world aside from flying to Vegas every month. I have been fortunate enough to NOT miss out on much in this life, but thank you for your comment.

  79. mike erskine

    Lol Im not attracted to false advertisement would never watch again Id rather watch people lose

    1. Slot Cracker

      False advertisement? It was $2.5 million on a buffalo slot machine.

  80. David Justin

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  81. Jason Ryan Wilson

    Was that a penny machine with a 2.5 million dollar jackpot?

    1. Peter Vickers


  82. Harrison Heidman

    this is a scam btw

    1. Em Cee

      How so?

  83. Tommyisking06

    You guys beat the big jackpot much respect to you guys keep on winning

    1. Slot Cracker

      Tommyisking06 thank you👍🏻

  84. Scratch Offs Gamer

    Good video. Just subscribed to your channel. Can you also support my channel. Thanx

    1. Slot Cracker

      Daily Scratch offs done.


    Entering to win $2.5 million from pch

  86. Cher0kee

    Oh ok, it was a gaming expo people! That was a demo win. Still cool to see.

  87. John Demont

    Where was the $2.5 million win? I only saw the $1,200 hand pay.

    1. Slot Cracker

      John Demont right at the beginning. It was at G2E..

  88. Skyler Roush

    Is gambling addiction real?

    1. VuhChecks

      Yes. Some people have it but Im lucky enough not to.

  89. harm kreugel

    thank you and very nice

  90. abc ff

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  91. HuzzaR GB

    There was no millions? You just click baited the title

    1. Slot Cracker

      HuzzaR GB it was in the first minute? At G2E…

  92. Uriel Alvarez07

    both guys sound so dumb and childish

  93. Bonsai Yama Review

    Great Video ! Love seeing Colins hoodie lol. Hope he bought you coffee. Great seeing you guys hope to see you guys soon!!

    1. Rodrigo Pedrosa

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    And no he is broke and living on the streets

  95. BBStarr


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