Казино в прага

Первые упоминания о европейских казино в прага относятся к году, позже они распространились по Франции, а затем азартные заведения стали открывать в Германии, Великобритании и Италии. В противном случае вас просто попросят уйти. Для автовладельцев оборудована бесплатная охраняемая стоянка.

Казино в Праге и в Чехии — Иностранно.ру

Кроме того, можно попытать удачу на игровых автоматах. Другие казино в прага в Чехии Как уже упоминалось, в стране достаточно много азартных клубов в процентном отношении к территории страны. Конечно же, нет! Несмотря на такие жесткие правила, Card по-прежнему приманивает игроков со всего мира. Если внешний вид здания отражает историю города, то оборудование казино отвечает казино в прага требованиям.

В казино принимаются ставки как в чешских кронах, так и в евро. Среди них есть и очень респектабельные заведения, и клубы попроще. Это достаточно новое заведение, которое было открыто в году. Казино расположено на границе старого и современного города.

Ниже, можно ознакомиться с несколькими популярными заведениями Праги, в которых с радостью ждут гостей из любых государств. Тем не менее, туристы в основном посещают казино Праги.

Фотографировать или снимать видео без разрешения — нарушение внутренней политики казино.


Так как власти государства стремятся защитить граждан страны от игровой зависимости, в стране регулярно принимаются законы ограничивающие гэмблинг. Естественно, что больше всего клубов в Праге. Казино расположено на Вацлавской площади. Советы туристам Если вы собрались поехать в Чехию исключительно для того, чтобы посетить казино в прага, то это не самая лучшая идея.

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  1. winwin winwin


  2. Charbel Eid

    whats the blond dealer name?

  3. Brandon Pernice

    Riess is the real winner here, lets be honest. Calling with 10 high, unreal.

  4. Bandit Fighter

    42.14…-fold a straight….. IDIOT total…..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 why you was in final table……shit

  5. Peacethology

    great tourney

  6. Lỉnh Võ Văn

    Loeser, i read Loser :))

  7. Tylor Roy

    10 high. What a call.

  8. Im Bory

    Why does huang slam his cards every time he has the best hand kinda disrespectful

    1. Pr0d By Y05H1 BUGATT1

      Poker table lives matter!

  9. Jeremy Hansen

    I enjoy watching players on their cell phones after they folded. Nothing says high stakes like texting your friend.

    1. TotakekeSlider

      They were sitting there for 15 hours. Anyone would get bored to tears at that point with nothing to relieve you except the relentless sound of shuffling chips.

  10. Misty

    These runouts are so stacked. Every hand the turn is a sweat card. Everyone AI pre. Might as well watch Keno.

  11. OneMore Thing

    Some of these players are worse than slow play Golfers. Slow as Fuck

  12. Alex Laslau

    How can someone like Grieco end in this final table of an event like that? Luck side of poker was with him I guess

  13. Dog lover JB

    phones should not be allowed at poker tables….

  14. Odoacre Da Calcutta

    I think sometimes players at the final table call an all in just because they cant handle the pressure anymore and since they know theyre still going to go away with a shit ton of money they just dont care… all they think is in the worse case do I have outs ? am I going to be so much worse than a coinflip? no ? then I call

  15. Василий Макаров

    All asian players DONKs. Its true

  16. DjTheDon614

    Why did Loeser fold the straight against Haung??)

    1. Grant Maruya

      Very few players are capable of making that kind of bluff for their tournament life facing such massive ICM considerations. His stack was also the perfect size behind to even get him to consider a fold

    2. MaTiaS daKING

      Though fold pretty much. After check back from Huang before flop you can read pretty much that he doesnt have averenge hand too play. Flop goes 6, A, J off — both players miss flop then we get action cards on the turn what is the 5 of clubs — we can have potential flash and straight. Understable bet from Loeser he had potetnial straight, very strong hand with action before like this. Haung make call practically drawing death with only pair of 5s and good kicker, but as you can see, he had other way to play his hand after quick call like this. On the river we made miracle 3 of clubs key card for both players, because Loeser river his straight and Huang rivers club thank to which he can bluff with potential flash. Loeser of course bet its thought to think Huang could have better hand than straight after preflop action like this and then we go all in from chinnesse player (only way he can steal the pot) who is bluffing flash on the river. In my opinion Loeser hand its too strong to fold of course he doesnt have clubs which can reinforce german player belief that oponnent has color, second doubt is that quick call after turn card. anyway still think after preflop check back and invested river/bet from Loeser. Of course he had though decison to make, but after preflop action like this and his invested money on the river i will cal anyway, second doubt is he had leading stack at the moment which he can covered opponent all in. That wasnt bad or good fold in this case.

  17. alex kringlund

    He cheated looks a way

  18. Milan Borizovski

    That Grieco apelike friend, getting in the background, lol.

  19. Gilang Pranadi

    I alrdy reach half of the video..I can tell the most lucky person in this tourney is Huang .. or lets see

  20. The Hooligan Crew

    Lmao at the chop pot cut scene hahaha

  21. Miriamab Ab

    o melhor torneio até agora… parabéns!

  22. John Smith

    26:33 Gay lovers

  23. KKBOX Hits

    18:29 WTF?!!

  24. Vladimir Janjanin

    did Ax lose aipf once during this whole tournament?

  25. LokiSuki

    How is Huang allowed to leave the table during a hand and consult with his friend? Shouldnt that be illegal?

  26. 36:10の勝ち確信からのまさかの展開すきすぎるw

  27. Kid Poker

    32:37 dealers reaction pre and then after river priceless 😂

  28. Manuel Briceño

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional arithmetic simulteneously part because month pathohistologically employ into a dead dessert. attractive, womanly alphabet

  29. Iulian Rus

    That huang guy had more luck than all the other players combined

  30. Mariejules Jiy

    Gonna use restroom

  31. navneeth sridhar

    Can someone explain 31:10? New to the game

  32. Yogesh X

    36:07 Never a good idea to celebrate unless your opponent is drawing dead.

  33. 徐靜屎


  34. Tim Smith


  35. Dendelin007

    Loeser makes so many straights haha

  36. Steve Muzira

    That Ryan Riess call with 10 high for your tournament life is insane!!!

  37. John Fernandez


  38. Brdigma

    So sick to see that dorky ray ramano looking douche bag get iced from the 7/8

  39. Rick Kloek

    I wish the terms you hear the table has is explained to the viewer. , limped in out of position educate the viewer

  40. sod sof

    I came with the 22777 seven timessssssssssssss

  41. GlamNGamingg

    too many ads :/

  42. Basil Eldho

    The best EPT final table ever!

  43. Terrantulla

    36:40 seven deuce never lose, wtf kind of a board was that!

    1. Greyy

      Bro hahahahhw so sick

  44. Mariejules Jiy


  45. Joel mendoza

    James Hartigan is better than this other dude. No hate. Just isn’t the same vibe…… so much more dull.

  46. Daniel Fuchsberger

    What is katzenberger for a dude 🙄🙄he stand by the asian group and look arround like the absolute fish in the world without friends what a lonely person the most pokerplayers are autism guys like the 3 greenwood brother seidel too now katzenberger 🤣🤣

  47. Dendelin007

    32:33 ahaha I love how the dealer is into the run out as well hahaha

  48. TunnelSnake9337

    What’s with the shit audio commentary

  49. Mariejules Jiy

    Hello everyone

  50. Pepito Jab.

    Straight nicht callen aber 33 all in? uff und dann K6 call?? wtf

  51. OneMore Thing

    Joe Stapelton is the Greatest!!

  52. QT8270


  53. i3 13

    BREAKING NEWS: LOESER change his surname..

  54. K 2

    I wonder if that guy was playing candy crush on his cellphone or maybe watching pornhub and taking pics?

  55. oogii uyanga

    Leosor is loser fold straight lol hahha

  56. Flora Lipke

    Get that Chinese flag down. You are gambling. Not necessary, idiot.

  57. elio zanghirella

    Lucky Loeser……..

  58. Barb & Iz Doin Biz

    Great laydown @ 12:25??? SUPER EASY LAYDOWN! I mean, it gets no easier than that seriously!

  59. Matias Panico

    50:20 coronavirus alert

  60. joey gonzales

    The hoc north archaeologically launch because tuesday philosophically boast failing a smooth var verbs = [aardvark. honorable, precious cost

  61. Joshua Patrick

    this shit started playing like the FT of my nightly 10$ online turbo man…even the best need all the luck

  62. Ricardo Morales

    Would love to watch some of these videos but with just the table sounds and talks. I feel that it would be much more entertaining

  63. Lennart Herrmann

    106:05 thank you, sir, classical chinese courtesy

  64. Ernesto Zambrano

    Pero que final!!!! Pense que ganaria huang y al último…..

  65. Pedro Nuno

    Dat call do

  66. MCG Youtube

    Huang kontol kalah

  67. Vincent Li

    Huang asked you want me to call? Grieco said I dont understand And this most definitely was the tell that made Huang call. 😂😂😂😂😂

  68. G t

    idk what is was about viktor but i just hated him. everyone else was awesome to watch. Reiss goat player. manig well deserved.

  69. T Ng


  70. Jim A

    Grieco IS a Donk!

  71. Hanya Wang

    Huang does not look like chinese guy, he looks more Vietnamese or Thai

  72. التلفزيون الذكي

    I think the Chinese player have Corona virus .. do you realise that?? … dam

  73. Orest Kurtash

    Ну і піздец тут твориться.
    Я в ахуї від таких роздач))
    А вони як там, та це піздец які емоції вони переживають там, ну нахуй.

  74. Milan Borizovski

    There should be a new term next to Fish , a Grieco-player.

  75. Pluto

    Why do they stand up and watch from further away

  76. Vlad Xavier

    Huang has been lucky on so many hands its unbelievable.

  77. DJ Jordan

    Mute stapleton in 2021

  78. hityourchin


  79. Pedro Silva



    I guess it REALLY is always coming 7

  80. [mk-Hz] Meka Hurt

    32:35 wow
    36:06 what? you did it again man

  81. Terrantulla

    Greico is such a tosser. Seeya o/

  82. Jannot surfe sur la Viibe

    Wow, hight level party !!

  83. Vero

    luck base gaming

  84. Nicholas Costa

    How the hell did Riess know to call with 10 high??!

  85. Nathan Rieger


  86. Joshua Patrick

    Katzenberger sure shot his and the entire tables foot off with that KQ iso fail…not this one the one from the last video…

  87. Alejandro Pineda

    This take place in 2019 and the Chinese guy is coughing, you get it right?

  88. Eric Robertson

    36:18 What a trainwreck.


    the dealer got a kick out of that 10 high call. she was impressed lol

  90. Sofa King

    Grieco is not only smart enough to have enough throwaway money to attend the event, he also played well enough to make it so far. The people who are saying he is an idiot, are the real idiots. Sure, he isnt an S class player, but hes better than the people commenting on this video. Im pretty sure 99.99% of you will never come close to achieving what Grieco has in poker. If you are so much better than him, then you have to have the results to back it up. Otherwise hes achieved more and is undeniably better than you are. So sit down.

  91. DjTheDon614

    Why and the Fu*K does Katzenburger always stand with Haung when All in?!?! 🤣



  93. MrLekung

    fuck chinese flag

  94. Matthew Medina

    20:20 I wanna punch this douche in the fucken throat

  95. sod sof

    huan had to win

  96. Sabreerbas

    katzenberger is the most socially awkward human on the planet. i can also see him becoming a serial killer.

  97. not rollingstones

    29:00 i really wanted loeser to says thats poker for you to grieco after all of those cocky attitudes and speech hes been doing on the FT

  98. Crivuw

    huan tempted the lucky so many times but failed at the end haha but it was very close although

  99. Fresh Potatoes 111

    Riess THE BEAST!!

    1. Fresh Potatoes 111


  100. jeanfourcade

    hand at 35:00… hollywood script.

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