Казино рояль сша

Интересный факт: сцена с переворачиванием Астона попала в Книгу Рекордов Гиннеса. Будьте грамотны при составлении поста. Но какое зрелище! К удалённым сценам мы ещё вернёмся.

Казино «Рояль» (Германия, США, Великобритания, Чехия, ) – Афиша-Кино

В случае множественных ошибок в тексте пост будет удален в общую ленту, а автор, в случае неоднократного несоблюдения правил, заблокирован. Ниже на фото я вставил эти кадры в том порядке, котором они должны идти в сцене.

Тут вам не классический Бонд! Двигаться будем по хронологии ленты. Blu-Ray -копия фильма тиражом тысяч была также выдана владельцам игровой приставки PlayStation 3подписавшимся на сервис PlayStation Network [45]. Чем хорош Ле Шиффр? Прикрепляю третью удалённую сцену, которая идёт сразу после убийства Ле Шиффра. Она брала своей Конец фильма.

Казино рояль сша словам Дэниела Крейга CGI использовали лишь казино рояль сша тех моментах, где нужно было замазать страховочные тросы. Снимаю шляпу. К слову о смерти. Дико интересно и познавательно. Так волнительно. Позже в сети появились скриншоты из сцены в Венеции [48] [49] [50]. Особенно занимательны удалённые сцены. Он пытается выжить. М сообщает Джеймсу, что Веспер Линд была двойным агентом.

Агенту удаётся нейтрализовать террориста и предотвратить взрыв. По словам Мартина Кэмпбелла роль почти досталась Генри Кавиллу, однако продюсеры посчитали его слишком молодым для этой роли.

В итоге Бонду удаётся обыграть Ле Шиффра. Но вот всё остальное.

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  1. CYK 2845

    This video is in many channels its bs

  2. Inspector Butters

    This is decent strat for the short term. You can and will lose a bunch of coin flips in a row and go broke. It’s only a matter of time. Get your $50 — $100 and get out.

  3. Leon Dias

    Does this strategy still work? And which site does it work on?

  4. rakibul islam


  5. Gary

    How much do you put per chip

  6. super. sonic. boom

    I downloaded the link but I cant open the file ???? Do you know why

  7. Gary

    Hi how much do u put minimum on chips and how much money do you deposit?

  8. Lotto 40

    It worksish your gonna need a some bank cause there’s cold streaks where u jus gotta keep doubling

    1. John Henry Eden

      I had to bet 256 and didnt have enough funds for it lmao, losing that 128 was a hard blow lol. Gotta have at least a grand in the bank probably

  9. Daniel Bauhaus

    From what u say at 4:14 to what u say at 5:14 sound strange 🤔

  10. xAKB

    So what happens when it goes black 8 times

  11. Darryl Mealey

    I just played 4 sessions, 10 spins each winning €40 using Grande Martingale 1-3-7-15-31-63, hit 0 a couple of times, so considering placing a small amount on 0 for cover

  12. Shoket TV

    it is very smart idea.it is perfect work me.

  13. David Smith

    This actually works! Started with 100, few hours later 300!

    1. Meghan Michael

      Share more experience

  14. Caddy Lac

    What online casino do u use?

  15. Snoki

    i have 3 questions

    1. Is still work ?

    2.The money go directly on paypal or we need a debit card ?

    3.What is the link ?

    1. Snoki

      ​@Mindst 50MM Thanks for letting me know youre a really good person.

    2. Mindst 50MM


  16. LB

    Does this still work?

    1. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies


  17. Harrison Wade

    What if you keep losing do you keep doubling or reset to keep it safe

    1. Bill H

      You need to have a stop loss strategy. Your stop loss should be 10% of your total bankroll. This gives you 10 chances/days of losses, to make it back.

  18. Stuart Ahara

    How much do you need to start? And can you do it on any platform?

    1. Warren Tarbet

      Yes I’m doing it on a rigged casino and it works like a charm

  19. ben681

    Why dont you do s 2 hour video and prove it ?

  20. A King

    HOW much is a single chip on this table? Because why wouldnt you just bet A LOT more than 1 chip ( most casinos in america, 1 chip is like $5) So why wouldnt you put like $50 each bet using this strategy (well what ever the 50 equivalent is to Eruo)

  21. akila samarawickrama

    Greet strategy mate…Also if you can keep the sequence changing time to time casino system cant match it up…otherwise they will surely note this sequence at certain point and produce numbers accordingly to this sequence…

    1. ben yosep

      @Brenton Trenney its a scam. No way you will beat them.

    2. Brenton Trenney

      Well wouldnt that be cheating the random number generator if they did that

  22. Andrew Baird

    THIS IS A SCAM. The strategy works for a little bit but will fail eventually. Plus you are either going to lose your money to the game or you will be forced to give your bank account ( routing and account number), credit card, drivers licence information in order to even consider withdrawal, even if youre using bitcoin. Dont give your money or sensitive information to websites run by dirty trash people. This guy probably works for the website. Dont lose your money like I did. I lost $700 because I will not give me personal information in order to withdrawal.

  23. Music Maniac 2020

    A big thanks to you Mr. Wintson, your provided strategy: Its working pretty well, made me profited.

  24. Digital Asset News

    I cant stop thanking *Nike_tools* on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I made more from BITCOIN INVESTMENT and I went into gambling🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real❗❗

    1. Manuel Schilling

      I wonder when the bus will arrive. The bus with the people that are interested.

    2. Digital Asset News

      I cant stop thanking *Nike_tools* on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I made more from BITCOIN INVESTMENT and I went into gambling🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real❗❗

  25. First Last

    House always wins

  26. Samuel Millington

    What about the uk becuase it’s different for us

  27. Michael Burry

    Oh my god, thank you for this. YOU SAVED MY LIFE!! My total Earnings from the system are $4987….

    1. Franco Russo

      @sascha fischer i don t know

    2. sascha fischer

      @Franco Russo nope I tried I got a couple of dollars but dont know hope long it would work on a Bankroll of 256

    3. Franco Russo

      It is just a lie to get people to join the casino with their link

    4. Franco Russo

      @sascha fischer do you know why no one answers ?? because it is nothing true

    5. sascha fischer

      @Franco Russo no one is responding I have questions too lolol

  28. sascha fischer

    How long has anyone played at one time 10mins 1 2 3 4 hrs?

  29. ali shah

    It worked for me , I did on demo with the 3 dollar minimum table and about 15 minutes made $101, thank you for your sharing

    1. ali shah

      @ben yosep ، every body knows demo is fake but our intention is to practice and see it works or not

    2. ben yosep

      Everyone wins with the demo. Its fake money.

    3. ali shah

      @Lutring Jim Palacios, I use neonslots.com > roulette > European roulette > its powered by betsoft casino i believe

    4. Lutring Jim Palacios

      Hey body what is the casino website ?

  30. Nathan Duling

    You do not need to switch colors every time. Unless its more to confuse the online game. I would only do this on a real wheel. As long as you double your bet every time you lose. Once your color hits you will be up by $1. If you want to win more money faster just go up by $5 or $10 a bet. $10, $20, $40, $80. Then when you win the color, you will be $10 richer instead of $1 every win. But yes this method will work!

    1. Nathan Duling

      and this also works on American or odds/even, first half/second half

  31. Asen Stoyanov

    Just wanted to say Thank you, man! 🙌 If you stand up on time, this strategy works. Thank you again!

    1. Asen Stoyanov

      @Harry Stevens Its a battle man, you dont go in the casino with your last savings.

    2. Harry Stevens

      @Asen Stoyanov what do u mean if it doesn’t work u will lose money

    3. Asen Stoyanov

      @Franco Russo be very careful man, for few numbers it works, but be careful. I do the pattern only once, if it works-okay, if not-I go.

    4. Franco Russo

      This work??really??how u play ??

  32. cevin harding

    i can not open that website?

  33. Emel1

    Thanks for BMW

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  35. D. Thompson

    Damn didnt work for me. Will try again though. I was doing great til I lost 8 straight rolls. Played for 30 minutes

    1. Martin Verbeke

      With such methods, youre losing long term instead of short term. Ive seen 17 reds in a row. If you play long enough, you see rare shit, it only makes sense. And his sequence makes no difference whatsoever. Past plays dont affect future plays. Might as well bet the same color every time. Its all the same and it reduces the complexity! Because when you play for hours, human error becomes a real factor. If you forget to double your money from betting 100 to 200, then you lose 100 dollars! It will happen too uf you play long enough because its so dull. The more money you have, the longer you can play before losing. So you can make money in the short term while risking to lose everything every time! Its just dumb. But if you accept that you are in fact risking ALL of your bank roll, then i guess its OK.

  36. Luis Jesus

    Still working? And what happen if we lose 6/7 time in a row?

    1. ben yosep

      @NXTgen Gaming Its a scam.

    2. NXTgen Gaming

      I lost 14 times in a row….

    3. Miguel Perez

      Not very likely but if does happens Id say you just lose the 500 you started off with for the day so lets say youve been doing it for a week a and a half every day putting up 500 in youre bank roll and making 500 on top of youre 500 by the time that unlikley probability happens youve already made a lot of money and seen the strategy work enough time to were a 500 dollar loss for the day wont discourage you every business has loses I asume Im no expert i just playd rolluette for the first time today at a casino won 400 in 5 min of pure luck no strategy and got interested in the subject but my uncle is a life long degeneret gambler wich Ive seen use the double down strategy before on sports and its full proof as long as you keep youre starting bets on par with youre bank roll meaning how many times you could losse in a row before you looses all youre money you wanna have a much leeway as possible as he explained in the video and you dont deviete ps Ive witness my uncle lossing his life savings multiple times one time over 300 hundred grand in 2 days doubling down on baseball but he would start off with 5 grand but when you do the math you loose 7 or 8 games in a row and youre up to about 300 grand wich was all he had in hope this helps if youre a dispilined person with patience just do the math right and id say go for it i know I will be be very soon

  37. Adarsh Ramnath

    Can this website be used in every corner of the world?

    1. play online casino

      For those who play online casinos 😁

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      Yes just click on the link

  38. Shoket TV

    It is very good

  39. purna chander

    Hey winston, does this trick work out on any online roulette platform like 10cric, betrally etc..?

  40. Tim Delander

    Not working….

  41. Mrigi News

    Nice project

  42. ContagemRegressiva

    Woowww this really works! (Im from Brazil)

    1. Andre Santos

      Irmao blza? Tem ser cassino off line?

  43. A Yid Bin ich

    The link takes to a different casino, can anyone please share the casino used in this video?
    Thanks in advance.

  44. משה בורוכוב

    Wow.. itought i was the only one who got the method… i came up with it myself.. i wanted to see if someone else realize it

  45. Lindsay Kern

    Thank you for this strategy. Its making me more than 1K € a day with my ONLY ONE deposit of $512.. So the reinvestment is daily 200% profit !!!

    1. Mrbobastik

      Nice bot

  46. Jamal Bou Saleh

    what is the roulette online link yo are using please send here

  47. Alessandro Formica

    Is someone still using this method ?

  48. Derryhillagh

    The casinos have no objection to this strategy or indeed any other coz they know it doesnt work in the long term. You will lose your bankroll very quickly if the colours go against you. Also you will hit table limits so kiss goodbye to your bankroll when luck turns against you and basic math kicks in.

  49. Brendan Munson

    I fucking salute you sir, absolutely works 😂

    1. Brendan Munson

      @Gary $1

    2. Gary

      Works for me, how much do you put per chip?

  50. Ahmad Bitcoin

    1:26 mantap bos slotnya ane coba main dari situs ke situs pas main di
    𝟖𝟖𝐣𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐩.𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛 baru menang 15jt modal 1jt

  51. Master fnm

    for you up to how many times you have doubled when you have the wrong color like if you put 5 and that on the next move you lose you put 10 the next 20 until you are gone

    1. Master fnm

      @Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies sorry i m french what do you mean for this : with certainty of 9 doubling up its safe

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      It happened for me max 5 times, maybe 6. With certainty of 9 doubling upa its safe

  52. Abdisalan Gure

    Thank you you are the best it works

  53. Jai Hind Reviews

    This approach works on 98 of 100 bet sequence he suugests… While i was playing i saw once the 10th Bet winning, that means 9 bets lost. And once 9th bet winning after 8 losses. Good part this both the time i didnt play and i found while analysing. But overall its worth trying and you make a decent amount.

  54. Tara-Lee Angeles

    It works! Thank you so much for sharing this! I was broke and now I can have income. 😘😘😘😘

    1. Rash Sultan

      @Tara-Lee Angeles than whichbin which u prefer u play can u please tell me ?

    2. Tara-Lee Angeles

      @Rash Sultan evolution gaming are using magnet table. If you likr rigged tables it on your own.

    3. Rash Sultan

      @Tara-Lee Angeles hi sl u prefer not to play with evolution

    4. ben yosep

      @Tara-Lee Angeles dont many people bet on the live roulette at the same time? Or do you have a dealer and game Just for you? Thanks

    5. Tara-Lee Angeles

      Watch out on evolution gaming with this technique because the software will make you lose. I didnt use this technique only. Im playing with logarythm. Its not easy to calculate it. Live table are using magnetic table. If you want to use this technique which is explained in the video with 20€ benefit is enough but do it every 2 hours. Casinos are trap. Once I did enough to pay my fees I stopped.

  55. Lucas Reis

    Ainda funciona?

    1. ContagemRegressiva

      Eu fui no betway que é pra brasileiro e comigo funcionou kkkk

  56. Paul Lally

    This is just doubling bets, youre bound to win sooner or later.

    1. Temp

      😂🤣 That’s why there’s a maximum bet on the table.

  57. lawrence mayo

    does not work 100%, total rubbish. French roulette doesnt even exist !

  58. bashar smair

    Bullshit guys, 10 times a row lose

  59. Jeje Wa

    As I want to use paypal for putting in and hopefully take out money, which online casino do you recommend and how easy it is to withdraw?

  60. Alexandre Santos

    wow……this guy is crazy…..i mean this will never work…..i dont know why he is doing this…..even shows the account balance…..what a sucker this guy is…..i guess is making money from the casinos…..but probably he is just a loser..

  61. Gary

    Is roulette your only income stream?

  62. Shoket TV

    This method is very cool

  63. Mk earning world

    Nice casino games
    Minimum deposit 30 rs and minimum withdrawal 100 rs instant withdrawal
    Download link

  64. Keeping it 300

    The links not working..

    1. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies


  65. Tara-Lee Angeles

    I started at 20 after losing almost all my bankroll then tried this sequence. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Im really stressed everytime I have to double up.

    1. Tara-Lee Angeles

      @Marcel Faulant i couldnt do that on my casino. We had to bet every spin. If you dont bet youre out of the room

    2. Marcel Faulant

      @Tara-Lee Angeles He didnt mean virtual money 😂
      He meant you should spin 3-4 times without betting.

    3. Tara-Lee Angeles

      @nukeman444 lmao you really think I would be stress for virtual money. I played real money

    4. nukeman444

      If you get stressed, wait for 3 or 4 virtual losses. You may miss some wins but it cuts down on doubling up so much.

  66. Florin Dragos Mihalache

    you need to have a big budget … the color came out only at the 10th draw…so, not so good system

  67. Paul Waite

    hello inston great video are you still using this method ? if so what is your largest martingale and do you have any further tips

  68. Prabhat Ranjan

    Site name plz🙏

  69. alok kumar

    Helo sir I am from India I need 6 k us dollar as interest….
    Because my mom suffering from burning desease and she died…
    Paid hospital bill

  70. On Firee

    doesn t work i try it with 25 £ 1£ each round i had like 6 black 2 times in a row

    1. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      You needed 26$ ,please look at the table

  71. Music Healing For The Soul

    Can you play smaller bets starting from 0.10 and not from 1 euro?And can you play from Europe?

  72. Neo Santiago

    hey @winstonsroulette&forexsrategies Ive watched this twice video. My question to you is This Video says French & European Roulette & Not American Roulette but the other Video says All Types Of Roulette. Does is work on ALL or Excluding American Roulette?
    Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

    1. James

      Ameicane roulette wheel has zero double zero can have a huge affect on this type of strategy especiaally with the martingale in play

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      Yes it should be working too, let me know.

  73. Wayne D

    !!Scam Warning!!: These are advertisers from the casino groups. Just look at Reddit to see one such advertising dump. This is an attempt to get you to lose your money. Do not trust these videos! This is a scam via false advertising. You have been warned!! If you lose money, remember, you have been warned!!

  74. Md selim Khan

    Nice viedo i interest it

  75. No Face

    Are you kip from Napoleon Dynamite? This strategy will get you rekt eventually

  76. Franco Russo

    What is the sequence of colours??

  77. JZiR

    Do you restart sequence when you hit 0?

  78. Jasmine Xardoine

    You are fucking genius man

  79. ca Tones

    Won $4, hey you helped me buy a cup of coffee so I am grateful 😆

  80. Hussein Abboud

    Whats the website? Where do i find this one that wont block me out?

    1. Hussein Abboud

      @Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies i got lasatlantis is that the one?

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      In the video description

  81. max holli


  82. Vip Roulette

    Vip Roulette System wins 99% of the time with guaranteed results. Only a small bankroll is needed and it produces MASSIVE wins. Check it out our channel and visit

  83. Celebrity Reporter

    What site are you on

  84. swordfish00007

    I thought this was for a live Casino? This is a computer casino correct? Also United States cannot use this method can they?

    1. swordfish00007

      @Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies Right on and ty. Do you have any issues taking big sums out as I think most casinos would block you wouldnt they if someone was crushing it continually?

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      US is fine. The casino I gave link to, accept US citizens.

  85. GA BU

    If i do this on live roulette can i get banned?

  86. Web DD

    Just wanted to thank you man i saw the vid now and its working :3

  87. Cast Films

    If you lose twice in a row then you restart to sequence?

    1. Cast Films

      @Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies ok but what I dont get is the beginning of your play, there is a black number first. So why did you start the video with red?

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      no, continue sequence, and if you lose you double up. If you win you start with starting bet again

  88. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

    Update APRIL 2021: Strategy still works PERFECTLY.
    ** Press LIKE if its working for you! **
    The casino website has changed their design, but it doesnt change anything about the system.

  89. Adel Alzenbarakji

    But its still possible to loss 9 times in raw !!!

    1. Warren Tarbet

      So unlikely

  90. Vintage

    So who’s legit here and can tell me if this shit works cause I feel like everyone here in the comments are lying man

    1. Producer Skuzy the monster

      These comments are confusing

    2. Enrico Reddy

      It really works just listen step by step

    3. ContagemRegressiva

      It is working for me… Im from Brazil

    4. bmp

      @Mikey Pauly omgg lol

    5. Mikey Pauly

      @Toby J doesnt work bro. Save your money

  91. AyPea Beats

    The only time you will lose a lot is when you get : black red black black red red (the opposites of the ones he recommends) which has a possibility as low as hitting all of them on order

    1. NeAsha Adams

      AyPea Beats thanks for your response ,this is my view in order for any strategy to be effective it need to have a few things in it ,especially when you are playing against a computer ,eg if you tell the casino what you are about to do do you really think you will come out on top .not a chance.I wrote down all the possibilities in that six step play ( RBRRBB, BRRBBR,RRBBRB,RBBRBR,BBRBRR,BRBRRB, )that’s very simple and easy for the casino to programs a winning sequence again it like eg ( BRBBRRBRBBRR) and your system is defeated even a beginner can see this ,if I can see this the casino surly sees it also , I analyze a lot of systems and it sad to say any time you explain a system on line it will never win long term .your system need to be kept difficult for the casino to figure out and once that is done successfully you can enjoy some profit but once they focus on you and your strategy you need to change it or you will consistently loos from there on ,just a thought ok bless

    2. AyPea Beats

      @NeAsha Adams I mean, we still talk about possibilities you cant know if it will hit or not thats why it is called gambling.

    3. NeAsha Adams

      In one hundred spins it hit three time so you will loose a ton with this ,so to me a total waste of time and money .so I am out

    4. Martin Verbeke

      It will eventually happen. The more you bet, the longer you can play but eventually you lose everything. Only with infinite money can you win long term with such a (Martingale) method…

    5. Iamnotfakesecular

      It hit twice for me. No approach is 100 perc fool proof. Be careful

  92. Zinc


  93. Erika Ghfhb

    Hello there and thank u for showing us your method. One question only, how many money should we put in charge in order to gain more than what we ll lose?

    1. Erika Ghfhb

      @Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies Thank you. Have a nice day!

    2. Winstons Roulette & Forex Strategies

      Please look again at the end of the video in the excel table — there are amounts like 256, 512 etc.. i suggest one of those as the best working for me

  94. S Patel

    Very nice information thank you. I do have another question is there a sequence for American roulette tables with a zero and double zero? Or is it the same sequence?

    1. Warren Tarbet

      Do European. Always.

  95. Noah Valentine

    Play long enough and you lose all your money, it’s designed to let you win a little then take all your money unless your bankroll is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



  97. JG 95

    1 RED
    2 BLACK
    3 RED
    4 RED
    5 BLACK
    6 BLACK








  98. Moldys

    Does this still work ?

  99. alok kumar

    Any one lend me please as a intrest

  100. Adam Paris

    Hello is this method still working? Can anyone let me know please

    1. Warren Tarbet

      Yes lol they can’t patch it

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