Казино ники санторо

Энтони Спилотро, год Будущую супругу букмекер встретил в стрип-баре, где Джери МакГи танцевала топлесс. Она говорит, что ее первые два прослушивания для Мартина Скорсезе закончились тем, что их отменили по разным случайным обстоятельствам — у Скорсезе была задержка на другой встрече, и тому подобное.

Может и со мной поделитесь нюансами. Судя по казино ники санторо, это были деньги якудзы т. Чем ещё ходячий человек-аттракцион похож на киношной образ?

Фильм Казино () — Casino — актеры и роли — голливудские фильмы — Кино-Театр.РУ

После развода сильно пьющая и принимающая наркотики Джинджер становится лёгкой добычей для наркоманов и прочей швали, которые в течение двух месяцев вытягивают из неё почти все имеющиеся два миллиона долларов. Энтони также был замечен боссами за умение убивать и наводить казино ники санторо на своих жертв он любил пытать людей с помощью тисков, сдавливая ими голову и также был был убит и закопан заживо за самодеятельность.

Вудсу пришла в голову мысль, что Лестер будет с проституткой и будет нюхать кокаин, пока разговаривает по телефону с Джинджер. Жил с мамой. Лично Розенталь в подобных процедурах не участвовал, впрочем как никогда не признавался в связях с мафией, но история помнит, как наказывали нечистых на руку игроков Казино.

Увы, со временем их дружба исчезает, переходя во вражду. Девочке Робин стукнуло 11, казино ники санторо мама встретилась с Фрэнком. Запрещены посты не по казино ники санторо, посты о поиске фильмов и неинформативные посты в том числе посты в стиле «Сегодня день рождения у Но к примеру Джозефа Айюппупрототипа Римо Гаджи, выпустили на свободу незадолго до смерти. Серый кардинал — Сэм и Энди Стоун. Но отец девочки затрагивается.

Мафиозные боссы старательно казино ники санторо глаза на выкрутасы первого [3] ибо денежку он стабильно приносил, точно и в срокда и за второго взялись только после совсем уж лютого беспредела. В сообществе не приветствуются фейки, вбросы, теории заговора, конспирология и параноидальные бредни.

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  1. Robert vogt

    1993 a great year .

  2. Abdullahi Ibn Gregory

    My fix to the whole movie: Tell the wife and son to go work, and live, with sonny.

  3. reginald salinas

    When I seen this when I was a kid, I used to think Sonny was the man. But as I got older, I realized Lorenzo is the real man in this movie.

  4. Philip Carson

    The working man is the tough guy

  5. Adam Madramuthu


  6. OarsmanPower

    No, it’s not

  7. sjoormen1

    Its was easy for Chaz , he had Robert de Niro for father…

  8. Mickey Mouse

    I know its a feel-good scene but this will not happen in reality… this is a fictional movie people.

    1. shutup2

      agree in real life his dad would say well done son and let him keep the money

  9. Zyme One

    I wish they turned off the comments so everyone can keep their commentary to themselves.

  10. Byron Taylor

    God bless America 🇺🇸🙏

  11. Josh

    Love the way Sonny secretly respects Lorenzo deep down

  12. By Way Of Deception

    Bob in his prime, great writing, great co-stars…. just brilliantly done.

  13. Fuck YouTube

    Holy Shit. Thats Arties Wife.

  14. Brian Bell

    4:53 now thats a sucka.

  15. Cercone Family

    Shes a nagging wife in any role she plays….

  16. Remmy Skye

    The dad reminds me of my uncle and sonny reminds me of my dad. It sucks that my dad passed. Really have a hard time with the uncle

  17. Craig McCarty

    No parenting system truly works when it comes to major conflict if both parents do not show their child/children equal assessment. Children become confused when one parent attempts to reach out & teach life lessons & the other parent rebukes that action. In this case, the mother was headstrong in support & later on crumbled over money. Morals are above money.

  18. SolarShield

    Imagine if Goku and Piccolo had a scene like this.

  19. bishoy romani

    One of De Niros great performances 🔥and he directed the film too.

  20. AirPig

    Sonny knew he was wrong…. He just can’t let everyone know he knows.

  21. Nikoh Narehh

    His wife was the most reasonable person in this scene. Take the money and avoid confrontation.

  22. Rich F

    People don’t love him they fear him…..what a line to tell your son. Mafia cunts power comes from fear and how they have to stick together to feel strong. Just like all gang members….association through fear not
    pride, not strength , not integrity. ….simple, base, pathetic fear….Fuck all these wretched weak cunts.

  23. Conrad Murray ✔

    Good? Definately. Best ever? Definately *not*

  24. I _am Donte

    So many life lessons in this movie. I love it

  25. Micah Maggio

    As much as its good to honest and hardworking. It also has the con of working in the dirt to die in the dirt

  26. laquanjones41

    Now that’s a father

  27. George Manka

    Great scene!

  28. Aaron Sparvier

    Niro Fresh fight

  29. Warrior Poet

    If Adam would have been like Lorenzo…

  30. Johnny Keating

    Hell of a debut for De Niro as a director.
    I think people do not realize that sometimes.
    Also because he wasnt playing the role of a gangster in this flick.

    Man, one hell of a debut.
    Masterpiece of American cinema.
    God, i wish they still made films like this.

  31. Kharkovkid

    A lifetime ago, I turned our Student Council election into a school intercom Coup de Etat…The principal demanded to see me and my Old Man before I could come back to school. When we got there, the principal made the almost fatal mistake of addressing my Dad as just another grown up version of me… So My Dad let him have it… Battle of the Atlantic Gun Tub Captain to Blue Jacket Bootie.. I never forgot that. Decades later, when the Principal died, I read the obituary and his record was just as I had figured. Three schools, but no Atlantic, Pacific or Mediterranean combat decorations…

  32. Javier BF

    When I was a teenager I admired Sonny. The presence, the charisma, the power. It may sound cliche, but now that Im older I find myself admiring Lorenzo.

  33. Brandon Khan

    That is a damm good scene

  34. Gino Duduianu

    Legendary absolutely no words

  35. shutup2

    think many people would agree that a bronx tale is by far the most underrated movie ever made

  36. Engelbert Humperdinck


  37. Mark Winchester

    Hot Italian chicita best part of THAT scene.

  38. ADHDoggo

    Such a wholesome scene.

  39. Cristian Raglan

    Alguien sería tan amable de escribirme el diálogo original en inglés, por favor!

  40. jimmy2k4o

    “Don’t lie to me, just tell me the truth and I won’t get upset”


    “I’m you’re father would I say it if I didn’t mean it”

    (Didn’t actually ‘promise’ anything, he evaded the question by asking the first question again in a different forum, very lawyer-y)

    “I got tips working craps games”

    “What crap games?”
    “What crap games??”
    “WHAT CRAP GAMES?!?!??”

    “ I thought you said you weren’t gonna get upset”


    😂 😂 😂

    It’s bad to lie to your kid like that, “tell
    Me the truth and I won’t get mad etc”
    because he might not trust your word next time……
    But under the circumstances, The dad HAD to know where The money came from.

    Amazing father

    And I loved how sonny wasn’t a villain either.

    It seemed like by a certain point Lorenzo realised he was a good and loyal friend to his son.

    Sonny always seemed to be like the guy that became the crime boss because if he didn’t someone worse would take control and the neighbourhood would suffer.

  41. Pretty Face

    Powerful scene.

  42. Joel Vrobel

    U dont understand. Its not what you say its what he sees. So true

  43. New Phone

    Ehy did sonny get offended when dinero said c was his son and not sonnys?

  44. Njasang Nji

    Im sorry I hit you.

  45. Press Play

    Powerful scene morals and values of the working man father and then sonny’s fast life money power fear only cares about himself and was gonna kill the kid that he treats like his son later in the movie cus he trust nobody

  46. Tyler Butler

    Charmaine Bucco! also kinda looks like lil Tony Soprano but it’s not

  47. Eoin Dee

    How come its bright outside when they go to the bar, and when they leave apparently a few minutes later, its as black as the ace of spades??

  48. Mark Reyes

    You can you see the jealousy in sunnys face as he watches deniro carry c away.

  49. Invisible Man

    NO IT IS NOT..one of the best scenes in movie history…!!
    U must have been high on drugs when u typed this

  50. James Yu

    Another one of Hollywood crock of shit movies just to make money.

  51. yo momma


  52. Bill R

    At the end sunny knew he was in the wrong and that old saying goes in an Italian family “You don’t mess with a mans family” that’s why I’m the end scene his guy asks “want me to take care of him?”
    Sunny: “No”
    All the values of an Italian family both mob and civilian life.


  53. Itachi Uchiha

    Loved 3:58 Hes wrong, it dont take much strength to pull the trigger, but try getting up every morning, day after day work [hard] for a living, then well see whos the real tough guy, the working man is, your father is the tough guy

    Kinda reminds me of what my dad taught me👷🏻‍♂️

  54. Susan Jaskulek

    Great scene…and true words..the working man supporting family is tough


    Getting up everyday an working that’s tough! The working mans the tough guy!! — greatest scene ever!!!

  56. Natalie Panaro Stack

    If the wife wanted to keep the cash she should have kept her mouth shut. they dont love him they fear him so true. Is it better to be loved or feared ? This can be applied to all aspects of life. Just saw the last dance & micheal jordan pushed teammates with fear not love. It showed that fear worked bc they won 6 titles in 8 years. Then again tom brady has 7 rings & leads with love. I guess either way works.

  57. J. cervan

    Fun Fact:
    Chazz Palminteris real name is Calogero
    Awesome actors awesome movie!!

  58. TheNewNumberTw0

    Charmaine looks pretty cute here.

    1. shutup2

      cute ? how could she leave artie for a poor bus driver

  59. Lunna Rodriguez

    GeddoudaheeyabuforigiveyuafuckinS L APP

  60. Pretty Boy

    “It doesn’t take a man to pull a trigger it takes a man to wake up every morning and work for a living”

  61. Kasper

    Seriously though, we underappreciate this kids acting.
    Palminteri and De Niro steal a lot of the focus, but if you only pay attention to the kid, hes doing a fantastic job.

  62. larry robinson

    I hear youre a stand up guy

  63. disendangered

    She was so upset with Lorenzo that after this, she divorced him, moved to Jersey, and married a local restaurant owner who also had ties to the mob

    1. Alan Page

      Before both of them she slept with a young guy who was mobbed up named Tony, before he got married. But it wasnt for her.

  64. Jeff Deeze Rossi

    Lorenzo never had the makings of a varsity Keaneu Reeves……

  65. Dean Walker


  66. К K

    Charmaine has always had a good head on her shoulders.

  67. watchguy79

    Charmane is looking good lately.

  68. Pietro Pes

    For once De Niro isnt the gangster. Great scene.

  69. xeikai

    I think somewhere deep down Sunny knew he was on the wrong side of this arguement. This isnt about money, its about a father concerned about his sons future and not wanting him tied up in what Sonny does and you can tell that when lorenzo starts talking about its not what you say, its what he sees.

  70. jacob colon

    1,800 Charmaine Bucco’s watched this video

  71. Byron

    This movie has some of the greatest quotes! And this scene had a bunch of em

  72. Leandro Lavore

    Is that charmaine bucco?

  73. ILPresenza

    The working man is a s*cker! Work 5+ days, 40+ hours a week. Only to have the Govt shake you down for 40%+ of your check, to spend on things you dont care about and to take care of the lazy leeches in this country. So yeah, the working man is a s*cker.

  74. neil

    sonny was outta line.
    ye dont mow another guys lawn.

  75. Phone Phone

    Realest shit ever said. Try working a job you hate to take of people you love.

  76. No One Special

    Most people, including my self, never realized it, but at the last clip shown, when Sonny and his man look out of the window, watching Deniro carry his son away, we can clearly hear Sonnys man ask, if he wants Sonny to do anything to Deniro. Youd never hear that, even if you were on the other side of the window.

  77. Rob V

    Notice, he kissed C and apologized for hitting him 🥲

  78. Kev Hab

    “You want me to take care of him?” What a dick

  79. Marvilous McCammon

    Mom was from the streets

  80. Douglas Schmidt

    The sun goes down fast in the BX! At 1:46 on their way to the bar the sun is clearly out and shining. At 3:38 just moments later it’s pitch black!

  81. Jason Campbell

    No the best scene is Now yous cant leave.

  82. Tzadik Vanderhoof

    How many problems would go away if every dad was like that.

    Nothing against moms, but look at her reaction vs dads. Show this to anyone who says kids dont need a dad in their life. This is the masculine piece of parenting.

  83. Dequan Daniels

    Why she snitch then wants the money

  84. Dario Greggio Forever

    100/100 to De Niro

  85. foreign warren

    LOL mom was all game for junior becoming a baby G

  86. The Batman

    A Mickey Mantel baseball card will pay his rent.

  87. jimmy2k4o

    Do you think deNiro really gave that kid a slap?

    Looked real.

  88. Mekhi Srey

    I lied now tell me everything
    Me: AW shucks Ive been bamboozled

  89. Andrew Latosz

    Mickey Mantle won’t pay his rent

  90. King Playa

    Ayo Lorenzo…I’ll take the $600 back down there. Lol

  91. Steven GENNERO Bootz

    Fun fact Catherine Narducci was killed by the mob I think he was a mob guy

  92. Martin Sukup

    Two worlds on one planet. Yes. It is the best scene.

  93. Vu Ho

    I sold crack, alright? Made the $600. Whats the problem?

  94. Jon Holland

    An angry looking man walks into a mob hangout and asks where the crew boss is and the guy sitting at the bar gives him right up lol

  95. Mista Freeze

    You how bad that wuda looked for Sonny had hed done something to Lorenzo?…he wuda lost respect for hurting a man for taking care of his family….I think that mightve been the best seen in the movie 👍🏾

  96. delta30024fly

    Its a shame that this asshole turned on the country that made him rich and famous !

  97. Mori Mazak

    pffffffff the best what? ?

    best amateur acting sure

  98. Maarten

    He wants to fight Jimmy Conway, Is he crazy?

  99. Seto Lucifer

    “Sonny is right, the workin man is a suckah.”

    Me watching this on my break: … Well fuck you too Sonny.😒

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