Казино амбассадор прага

Тем не менее, не следует забывать, что Прага — это одна из колыбелей европейской культуры, а не азартного гэмблинга. Мнения игроков обычно весьма субъективно. Нельзя сказать, что это лучшее казино амбассадор прага Праги.

Отель Ambassador Zlata Husa 5* (Чехия, Прага) – цены отеля, фото, контакты на сайте

Игры, которые можно в них найти вполне традиционные. В здании казино амбассадор прага обмен валюты производится по не самому выгодному курсу. Оно удивит не только рекордными размерами, но и широким ассортиментом игр с различными ставками.

Также без специального разрешения нельзя проводить казино амбассадор прага и видео съемку на территории. Фотографировать или снимать видео без разрешения — нарушение внутренней политики казино. Здесь их более 10 штук. Казино расположено на границе старого и современного города. В казино имеется все необходимое для азартного отдыха: разнообразные игры, VIP-залы, ресторан и бар.

Moovit помогает найти альтернативные варианты маршрутов и времени. Так как это государство считается одним из самых красивых и часто посещаемых туристами, русскоязычным геймерам будет интересно узнать, есть ли казино амбассадор прага в Праге и других городах страны.

Советы туристам Если вы собрались поехать в Чехию исключительно для того, чтобы посетить казино, то это не самая лучшая идея. В казино несколько столов с покером, Блэкджеком и другими карточными играми.

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  1. bostongirlsandy

    Im from Brazil.

  2. Tanvir Rayhan


  3. V for Vendetta

    No its not.

  4. DastraX

    Co tam dělá PPPeter xD

  5. Enna Arts

    I came to Prague for my Erasmus studies, only for five months. I loved it so much that I decided to stay a bit longer. It has been almost four years now and I havent go back. Now, this is my home!

  6. Paul Lewis

    Gorgeous city for sure, one of the World’s most beautiful but ruined by inappropriate cheap commercialism, tourist scams and mass tourism. Best time to visit is Winter/early Spring if you want to avoid the theme park atmosphere.

  7. Earth Revolution

    It isnt, Bratislava is the best city in the world

  8. Miki Nerad

    im a czech

  9. Franciane Barbosa


  10. jack freeman

    Im British and have lived here 10 years. Ive only seen 2 fairly low key instances of violence here.

    1. jack freeman

      @jn!x23 So you agree with my viewpoint. They probably thought you were asylum seekers a word that has now become negative. They even let a murderer go free who killed a Czech guy — Im still very angry about that.

    2. jn!x23

      Me and my mates were attacked in London for speaking Czech in the streets back in 2011.

  11. tomas.s

    Absolutely no chance to cross the city in one hour by walking. The longest subway line is 45 minutes long.

  12. singo lekeuneu

    I’m from Prague

  13. Parthiv Joshi

    I am from India


    10$ for one thing….
    100m by taxi Prague drivers… 😁😁😁😁

  15. Bini Get

    Im from Ethiopia

  16. Paweł Zieliński

    Greetings from Poland to Czechia:

  17. Juan Guajardo chapa

    Im from Mexico and certainly looks amazing. We love beer in the north of the country so this place looks like my next future destination 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  18. Karlson

    Pppeter is in this video

  19. Debbie Fouriner

    Maine, USA

  20. untitled

    Im from Czechia and you are idealizing the Prague/Czechia too much. I wouldnt say it is so great as you claim.

  21. Jakubosk

    Ever heard about Brno? 😀

  22. Leoš Prior

    You should tell Yes Theory to go visit Prague

  23. Marvin the Martian

    It connects to his first video learning to speak Czech

  24. Mahabub Talukder

    I am from Barisal Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  25. Ivana Watson

    im also from czech republic

  26. SuperKanuuna

    I think Prague is like a little sister of Vienna (Wien). For me, Vienna is nr.1

  27. paritosh shrivatsa


  28. Daniel Ryslink

    Yes, you can buy everything for fantastic prices in Euro… unlike locals who are paid in devalued Crowns and are being pushed away from their appartments and houses to the outskirts… or in more tragic cases, out on the street or under the bridge. Gentrification of Prague is real, and what used to be a lively city full of people in my youth turns to sterile blocks of offices and corporate headquarters among out-of-place artsy modern sculptures and architectural horrors. Wherever money dominates, devastation soon follows.

  29. birju gala

    I am from India.
    I want you to revisit India.

  30. Matěj Beran

    I am from Czech and i think that you know only centrum, not housing estate behind centrum. I agree that Prague is amazing city but when are you living here since you was born here, you see Prague litle bit diferenly… But otherwise very nice video, I love your content.

  31. Zerrin Aydın

    i am from Turkey and now i am in Prague :))

  32. Googy Apl

    So proud you like the city I live in

  33. Asif

    I travelled 13 cities during my trip to Europe, and it feels great to know that we both think Prague is the best of all.

    I felt so terribly sad the day I left Prague for my next destination. Prague is so magical, I cant wait to go back.

  34. nick lindsey

    i want to go there someday

  35. Petra Heroutová

    *is in czechia*
    *his guide is slovak*
    Like what? There is literally 10 milion czechs to choose

  36. vijay murali


  37. Jean-Paul Normand

    I am from Paris, but I love Prague! I go there every year, even though, I have since moved to Winnipeg, lol. I would love a postcard! Thank you!

  38. Fabiola Graceffa


  39. Tomáš Kůna

    Ok, i live here

  40. JG inTX

    Glad to see you drink beer other than Corona, I was wondering after you drank it in both Panama and Turkey. Great video, I love Prague too.

  41. Radish

    Yaaaaaay pppeter

  42. Peter C

    Quite disappointing. The top travel videos on here focus on the city they’re in , rather than the individual making the video. So less of you please. More of Prague or whichever great city.

  43. Vaclav Sulista

    Amazing capital of Czechia!

  44. David Machovsky

    I am also from Prague and I am glad that you like it.

  45. SuperPro Cz

    1:58 svíčková

  46. Frantisek Csoka

    I would correct the name of the video to ´Prague is the best city in Europe to be a tourist or young and make parties and drink because it´s cheaper than the West´ 😉 don´t get me wrong Prague is beautiful and the parties are great there but …. this video is over-optimistic 😀

  47. rudi halim

    Im from indonesia, i wish i could visit prague beautiful city

  48. Kuba Lukša

    I am in Kadaň in Czech republic

  49. Patrik Staňko

    If you like Prague, I reccomend you to go to Brno! Its much, much more beautiful!

  50. Hemanta Ghosh

    I m from India nd
    … i like to go Europe… so suggest me the beautiful and cheapest places in Europe…

  51. Gabriela

    What about Poland?

  52. Simp Simpson

    There is no water/sea anywhere, I would hate living there….. The coast cities are the best like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome, Barcelona etc…

    1. jn!x23

      @Simp Simpson 🙁

    2. Simp Simpson

      @jn!x23 You are jealous😂 prauge will never be the level of An ocean capital!

    3. jn!x23

      @Simp Simpson wait until the seagulls show up early in the morning right outside of your window 😀

    4. Simp Simpson

      @jn!x23 A city without ocean is not attractive. Maybe only for weekend visit, but not living there. A city sourounded with sea and access to ocean is the best

    5. jn!x23

      no water? there are lakes, rivers, ponds, dams, just missing the ocean/sea level direct access 😀

  53. Alexander George

    pilzner comes from plzeň

  54. Springaler Bro

    i live in czech for a year now 😀

  55. Ryan


  56. Alexander George

    consider going to Brno

  57. The Sotovs

    Nice video, thanks! We have travel videos too! Will be glad to see you!

  58. Bry Pi3

    I am from New Jersey, United States of America I am also a big fan

  59. Bren Chomsky


  60. Michael Tomasek

    Yeah I’m from czech

  61. SeZaaM

    Im from prague xddd / Já jsem z prahy xddd

  62. Not Human Just Egg

    Am moving to Czech Republic

  63. ivo _idb

    Croatia pls next🇭🇷🇭🇷

  64. TattooBruhTV

    Well live in Prague since 2009 year ♥ everything you say about that paradise place is truth ♥

  65. Pavel Ziga


  66. SeZaaM

    Kdo je z česka ať dá like

  67. Durangos pelo mundo!!!!

    Nice one

  68. John Mc

    Scams in Prague —

  69. Souliban

    Everything fine until you get sick and you have to go to those horrible hospitals. Custome Service is horrible too. Czechs in general seems to be pretty unhappy with their lives 🤷🏻‍♂️

  70. Petra Hofmanová

    This video really boosted my self-confidence about our country a lot 🤣🥰🥰

  71. Ariz Akram

    You are now my inspiration bro

  72. Fehmi Khan

    I dun av money to travel Prague but some good day ill must go InshaAllah

  73. cuccbugi

    Hi @PPPeter

  74. Rob van Stratum

    Please use the official name of the country: Czechia

  75. pv Erosity

    Meet with honest guide

  76. Sarvan Vanjara


  77. I-videos

    You should watch some @Honest Guide videos 🙂

  78. Benjamin Rex Ben

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    1. Benjamin Rex Ben

      Thanks Luiz .+ .

  79. Siko Breezy

    Prague is one of the most beautiful and least expensive cities I’ve ever been! I’m so in love with Prague! I definitely will come back to there 🤞🏻

  80. Mikee

    Rome: pfff, hold my wine

  81. M. Dominik


  82. Mohit Naik

    Have you heard best scammers

  83. Evan Parkinson

    1,000 years? According to the Pilsner Urquell website they first brewed Pilsner Urquell in 1842.

  84. Eli

    Im from prauge POG

  85. Sunil Sahani

    I’m leaving in Czech Republic very beautiful city 🌃 very amazing Prague

  86. Adam Štěpán

    i am from czech repubilc

  87. Goyathla Slavista

    Yeah we Slovaks are lucky enough to have Czechs like neighbors 😉 Not only they were helping and pushing us in our evolution. We can also have Prague sooooo close like our neighbor capital city

  88. Jovan Spasović

    I like both Czech Republic and Prague but I would have to disagree. I think that Belgrade and Novi Sad in Serbia are AMAZING cities for tourists that are extremely underrated and never even spoken about. Belgrade for instance is historically rich, extremely beautiful and has the cafe and night lifestyle which younger tourists would LOVE.

  89. rafat11th


  90. rahul rathod


  91. Hiệp Đỗ

    Is it true that czech is the most atheist country in the world. I mean Prague seem like a paradise, and also free from the toxicity of religions

  92. Nelly Gajdosova

    I love czech republic but I am from Slovakia

  93. Kevin Liu

    I’m from Colchester, In the county of Essex, United Kingdom

  94. Jeswin Joseph

    you should have meet the honest guide

  95. Grumfurt

    Ok so as a person who lives in Prague, Ive got a few things to say. I mostly agree with what you said in the video, but Im pretty sure you cant walk from one end of prague to the other in an hour. Prague may have only 1.2 million residents, but it covers a huge area (a lot bigger than Vienna or Budapest and comparable to Munich), if you think of it as a circle, it would have a diameter of over 20 kilometers, which is enough for one full day of walking, especially in the busy streets. Also, the guy hes got as the local guide is actually from Slovakia (the one hes been drinking beer with), he lives in Prague for quite some time, but Im not sure if he knows as much as a true local.

  96. Ap0llo


  97. FEJ M

    Agree Prague is architecturally stunning, but it is usually over crowded and the people not so friendly.

  98. Muhammad Aamir

    Praha je moje první láska

  99. Sabrina


  100. Globe be mine

    I am from Prague 😊

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