Блэкджек игра в казино

Это моя самая любимая игрушка на сегодняшний день. В таком случае вы удвоите блэкджек игру в казино и вам будет сдана только одна дополнительная карта. Отказ от игры, «отступные» surrender В некоторых правилах блек-джека игроку позволяется снять половину своей блэкджек игры в казино после раздачи первых двух карт, если игрок думает, что его набор карт плох отдельно правилами оговаривается саренда против открытого туза у дилераэто ранний отказ.

Через пару тройку тренировок все встало на свои места. Из-за того что вероятность комбинации блек-джек при большем числе колод ниже, то преимущество игрока уменьшается при увеличении числа колод. Fundament39 Написано: 03 декабря В настольные игры сначала играл на сайте Вулкан и Риобет.

MurMur83 Написано: 09 декабря В отличие от обычных эмуляторов, блек — это реально интеллектуальная игра, где нужно включать мозг. Ваша задача состоит в том, чтобы обыграть диллера крупье. Выберите стол Игра проводится за специальным столом.

Блэкджек — Википедия

Казалось бы, что все крупные разработчики софта используют ГСЧ генератор случайных чиселпоэтому шансы на выигрыш в блэкджек является одинаковым во всех казино. Вы можете забрать выигранный блэкджек игры в казино и сделать новую блэкджек игру в казино.

Но если же ваши карты маленького номинала, то самое время увеличить сумму! Поэтому блэкджек выше любой руки из разделенной пары, значение которой равно Утроение ставки Игрок может опять доставить ставку, равную первоначальной, уже после того, как сделал дабл. При наличии стола для тасования за игровым столом используется два шуза с двумя наборами игровых карт.

Страховка Insurance — если карта, которая открыта у крупье — Туз, то игрокам предлагают застраховаться, так как крупье имеет хороший шанс получить блэкджек.

Например получив T-6 вы имеете 7 или 17 очков. Примите решение о дальнейшей игре. Напомню, что туз можно оценить как за 1 так и за 11 очков. Пожалуйста, используйте этот номер или сделайте снимок экрана с номером игрыесли вы хотите обратиться в Службу поддержки с вопросами относительно определенного раунда.

Блэкджек — игра казино — Игорные зоны России

Блэкджек возможен только после раздачи двух первых карт.

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  1. Sam Grossman

    At 32 seconds before he removed the card from the shoe how does it know it’s 22 and a bust?

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    Hey! Great video I love the content, your video is giving me some great ideas. Keep up the good work 🚀

  3. c mck

    Dealer wins with 16 but has to pass 17 😂 😂 nice

  4. Cory John

    lol this is like 300k in some small ass random foreign currency, probably a 300$ or 3000$ bet in USD

  5. Sam Peterson

    4:00 lmao immagine getting kicked out at this moment and losing your bet😂😭

  6. Pyro Head

    I just feel like these are so rigged. Like the numbers change before the guy even grabs the card…..

    1. Kida

      No, The card passes on a scanner for the online system to record it . Its the red strip next to the deck rack.

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  9. Oliver den Store

    Worse dealer Ive seen…

  10. Charlie Fox

    When someone doesnt hit with just 7 they have to be a genius. Nobody is this stupid.

    1. 2BiteBrownie

      Miss click

  11. Josh Hayes
  12. ThisIsGamming

    I cant tell if this guy is a actual person or a npc

  13. Ayden Roperti

    Thanks for the clickbait

  14. PC Adam Taylor

    Bruv how are you ALOUD to do outrageous side bets like that-I swear there’s a casino limit to sidebets to avoid casino losing some chunks

    1. Incognito

      exactly akh mans confused are they skunked?

    2. Arham Mahra

      The currency is not mentioned in the video. Its probably the iranian currency.

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  16. John Kills

    Nice how the number changes before the card is shown. rigged

  17. Karol Drozdzol

    Abzocke. Ich schwöre es euch

  18. Akseli Hämäläinen

    Who stands on 7 lol

  19. car hike

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  20. Jamie Blackman

    bet365 is a Scam site warning dont join trust me

  21. Ammo LOND

    Stand on 7 hahahahahahhaha

  22. 4banger Vector

    Where is Danawhite?

  23. Aleksandar Radic

    This is a code admins have set up in gamdom.com early days when free chests had much better chances and i think this is one of those that are still glitched thank me by liking this comment 🙂
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  24. Phrog

    Me: bids my net worth Him: laughs. Me again: loses

  25. Straight Eight

    The guy will be playing in Indian rupee or something

  26. sneakybasterd67

    at 1:06 you can see the games gives the player the number 7 card before its scanned out of the shoe. kinda sus

  27. Bopped

    this is clearly fake. there is a limit on how much you can put lmao

  28. Kyo Roll

    0:28 Stupid Ryan had to F it all up for everyone… stand on 12 fool… so dealer ends up getting 21… lmao

  29. john Honai

    for those who want to experience it:

    thank me later 🙂

  30. Tobey Maguire

    Such a scam

  31. Joe Peters

    How does the casino know what cards are coming before he swipes them? Look when he does the 2nd card

    1. L O S E R

      Its a camera that sees the cards before I think… Idk.. casinos are sketchy af and they have a bunch of tricks to fuck you over

  32. Antonio dAmora

    Hahahaha fake

  33. Alex Bornor

    Why does it sound like asmr 🤣

  34. 怎么样?

    This table can play 400k,then minimum 25?

  35. Barkhadle Zubayr

    At 1:05 it knew it was 16 before he swiped or even saw the card!?!?

    1. Rania Barkhadle

      @Rxkpp Yup~~!

    2. Rxkpp

      Which means they control the table automatically and set it in specific system so nobody can win

  36. TheGoos Biertje

    Hahahaha the total left player takes a card and it says 16 even before the card is scanned. This video is fake as hell.

    1. TheGoos Biertje


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  38. Max Nineham

    He had 650k on perfect pair and 350k on a flush and it all came in that would be like 28 mill lol

  39. Peter Stephen Trinh

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    1. Your friend must be the player dealt last (preferably), so the dealer could receive the bad card. Its best to go one-on-one but casinos are busy places…
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    16. Cash out your chips the next day and change chips at another table/game. ie. Baccarat. Not neccessary, but do it sometimes.
    17. Different colour contact lenses.
    18. Look slow and tired.
    19. When it is quiet, dont win that much. 1-5k. Few hundred here and there.
    20. If you are concerned, just try a few hands and wins at first…You will be surprised how careless the CCTV team are and how lax they are. Actually, they have a lot to contend with.
    21. The final number. The name of the game. Good luck. Share 50/50 at the end of the day…

    I have other trick on Baccarat, but you can YouTube it, you will need to bring similar cards to what they have and its a once off…

    1. easy ease

      whats this for

  40. Hiker84

    I would love this dealer. Super nice guy always rooting for the player.

  41. Kyle Sharp

    How does the next total of the cards appear before the card is even visible ?

    1. fighting_koalas

      Thats because the video feed is lagging. Its much faster to download the cards totals. The video feed has much more data to download and on a cell phone connection it can lag.

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    Thanks, I’ll incorporate these things too. Your advice is great!

  43. paul morris

    fuck him and his casino

  44. Snoop Dog

    The currently is different the main bet is £3000 uk pounds


    Enjoy life! This is not a rehearsal.

  46. Chicken Chauffeur

    i cant play against such a slow dealer, it shows you lose the hand before you see what card made you lose…and how many hands an hour does this guy deal? so slow

  47. j j

    Dealer had blackjaxk before he turned card wtf

  48. William Larocque

    The totals show up before the dealer actually pulls out the cards… look at 3:45

    1. Rafael ?

      Theres a card scanner (red rectangular light) right in front of the shoe (card holder) hes swiping the cards the same way cashiers do barcodes at the store. Idk wtf the other guy talkin about 🤣

    2. salman ahmad

      these evolution gaming people are big crocodiles.. they are ruining people lives

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  50. Rıfat TOGRAL

    masada ki arkadaşın adı HIYAR .D

  51. Kyo Roll

    3:39 LMAOOOOO who the hell stands on a 7? LMAOOOO that is the most hilarious thing ever.

    1. Telmo Marques

      @Gg so true bro

    2. Gg

      Miss click I have had a time I was on 20 and clicked to have another card 🙂

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    I’m a god at blackjack I’d win so much I swear

  54. nima barghelame



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  56. dro dro

    if u stand on 7 u deserve to lose all your money

  57. Petak Zametak

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  59. JM

    Card counting would be so easy to do in this lmao

    1. dro dro

      they got it set up soo you cant card count

    2. Ahmed The isis

      You can’t

  60. Nino Orsi

    0:40 20 before the Card goes over the scanner

    1. Ai marketing

      Hmmmm whyy?

  61. N_A_

    Noob, as soon you will lose everything…

  62. theprinceofwa

    How tf do you deposit this to the bank won’t they get the irs to yell at you

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  64. EgyBros

    The guy is playing on a lambo

  65. Kraito Krombongus

    dealer gets 21,21,20 and then bust. Wtf? Saw last night a stream were the dealer got, 19,20,20,21 in a row. This must be scam!

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    Thank you sir this video is a good idea awesome 👍


    Crazy guy

  68. Ammo LOND

    some other guy standing on 12 what a bunch of pussies

  69. the sad joker

    Dealer hackersman

  70. ScoobyDui

    Who the hell stands at 7 why did YouTube algorithm bring me here

  71. Makin Cash

    But did they pay?

  72. Heath Todd

    Dude lost 400k on a bet… jesus

  73. Michael Dean

    Slowest dealer ever damn haha

  74. Kyo Roll

    This is the slowest most sleepiest dealer Ive ever seen… is he a sloth?

  75. Angus Lowe

    It’s play money chips obviously

  76. Matthew Stewart

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  77. Seb Bia

    So slow

  78. mikey deshore

    fake . the dealer never commented on the pp first round. totally ignored lol. that never happens. the chips been added on with graphics.

  79. Nicolas Rufo

    Can the dealer be any slower

  80. Adam sand

    When you have more money then brains

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  82. Collector Guy

    Fake bollox

  83. Lourenço 15

    1.5million krona?

  84. Colin Sushiboy

    Betting all that money and cant be on a private table?


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  86. Scott hart

    Guys do not be fooled by this mans winning go on to losing big money at casinos. I have won 1000s of pounds and lost way more than I have won my advice is stay away from casinos.

  87. Zio

    Loses 10,000,000, wins 1,500,000. Congratulations for losing your money.

  88. Matt A

    It said low balance and he clicked cancel so fast😂


    If everyone 1 has 2 cards why does they dealer get 3

  90. GamesAreAwesome

    You can hear it in his voice he was dissapointed when he said your choice to the guy who stod on 7😂😂

  91. Özgür Polat

    omgg tip me 1dollar sir it makes 7 tl on turkey

  92. Phlegethon

    Why do virtual dealers look so fake

  93. ChiefusQ

    I am the 2000th dislike, I feel honored🤝

  94. QuePep

    Probably in like Zimbabwe dollars or something

  95. Gaming freddy

    what is the name of the site so i can bet 200k too 😉

  96. Boosted Rival

    1:24 isnt that 23?

    1. Raakaroki

      in blackjack king jack and queen are all 10, ace is 11

  97. Memes.mp3

    Where is the 1.5 million I don’t see it

  98. zachery alderton


  99. isaac moss

    It would be so funny if he chose to hit

  100. ddd 01

    2 de tention le croupier

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